”How do I extract maximum leverage out of all the data available?  Do I need to commission a fresh research, every time I have a business problem?”  If this is what has been going through your mind, you have come to the right resource!

As part of Info Solutions, we provide two specific services:

  • INFUSE: Combine all the learning and data available internally, and externally, and identify learning from multiple sources. Some of the sources of data sources, we have used to deliver to our clients include, internal sales data, market trend data from retail audits, shopper data, media data, consumer researches, pos data, and secondary databases and documents, such as sector reports, population data, and macro-economic data
  • INSCAN: Incase there is no external data, and you need a report on market behavior, or demographic behavior, we use secondary data and our multiple brand or category knowledge to create specific learning documents or white papers.

Info Solutions.  Your primary research surrogate!